Lakeway Company

Electronic Design & Installation Specialists

  • Complete Electronic Design Services
  • Licensed Installation Supervision
  • Complete Electronic Systems Installation including:
    • Digital Telephone Networks and Systems
    • High Speed Data Transmission Networks
    • High Definition Video Networks and Equipment
    • Covert and Remote Surveillance Cameras and Recording Systems
    • Traditional and Discreet Security Systems
    • RFID Tracking Systems
    • Personal Theatres and Digital Distributed Audio Systems
    • High Power Central Vacuum Systems


Lakeway Company started eight years ago as a design and installation company for custom residential and small commercial electronic systems. Our designers, inspectors, and staff are fluent in all forms of communications, control, security and entertainment electronics, and how those systems need to be properly designed and installed. Our role is to educate everyone involved in the design and installation process to make sure that our client's wishes are met and are seamlessly integrated.

Design Services

Lakeway Company provides electronic (low-voltage) systems design, documentation, and inspection. We understand architectural and contractor liability concerns and we take the worry out of the electronics portion of the design process. We help run client meetings, produce the wiring requirements design in CAD format, standardize the equipment requirements schedule, and produce the specifications necessary to let the project out for competing bids. When the bid submissions arrive, we help interpret the proposals. During the construction phase, we will on-site supervise the installation by the selected electronics company, checking for adherence to code and specifications.

Installation Services

If you wish, Lakeway Company can also continue on to install the electronic systems we design. As expected, we have the qualifications on which serious professionals insist:

  • 10 years of experience in control electronics.
  • licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.
  • complete projects on-time & on-budget.
  • use the highest quality cables and connectors for consistent system performance.
  • have a one-year warranty on all system installations.

However, Lakeway Company offers many unique advantages not available from other low voltage companies:

  • Every project is designed in-house by our own Electronics Engineers.
  • Our expertise will integrate our electronic systems with any other home automation system including lighting control, heating and cooling control, plumbing controls, etc.
  • On-site project supervisors are licensed Power Limited Technicians by the state of Minnesota. Each supervisor must attend regular re-certification classes.
  • Every installation uses commercial standards, providing consistent system performance, extra installation protection, and a professional appearance.
  • We hand inspect every foot of wire cable installed to check for defects and avert future problems.
  • We perform seal testing on all central vacuum systems.
  • We offer customers the opportunity to provide their own audio/video electronic components to assure the customer of their lowest pricing available.
  • We provide complete system operation instruction and documentation for the homeowner and duplicate copies for the builder.
  • We provide technical support to homeowners six (6) days a week via phone (8a.m. to 6 p.m.) Monday through Saturday, and twenty-four (24) hours seven (7) days a week via email.
  • We provide regular technology updates to our builders and customers via technology bulletins, email and web site.

Optional Services

  • We offer continuity testing and performance testing with certification, on all wiring installations.
  • We offer extended manufacturers' warranties on all electronic equipment purchased through our company.
  • We offer color-coded CAD drawings of system installations for future reference by the homeowner and/or builder.
  • We offer job site internet cameras to provide customers and/or builders an opportunity to watch project progress and to monitor site security.
  • We offer job site alarm systems to help protect projects under construction.

Before you begin your electronics project, discuss it with Lakeway Company. We provide the services you need to create the most rewarding electronic systems.